G2 Computers carries a wide variety of products. As an Apple Authorized reseller, we carry their entire product line except for the iPhone. In addition, we stock many other companies products, including Sonos, SlingBox, Booq Bags, LaCie, Speck, Moshi and more.


Whether you need to get your team up to speed on new design software or you just got your first iPad, we can help. We offer a variety of classes, or if you prefer a more personal training experience, we can schedule a one-on-one session.


Because we believe in every product we recommend and sell, G2 Computers provides technical support through telephone, on-site and on-line for our clients. Our website provides information on upgrades, compatibility issues, future products, seminar schedules, along with hints and tips to be more productive and solve common problems.

G2 Computers

Feel free to contact us about anything you find on this site.

Washington Crossing: (215)-321-6542
Doylestown: (215)-340-5542
Pittsburgh: (412)-435-1003

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