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Whether you have a mix of PCs and Macs or are switching over to Macs entirely, G2 Computers can help. Employees come with different levels of comfort with technology, and a change can be disruptive.  This is where G2 Computers can help!

Our Business Trainers can create custom, comprehensive training materials to be delivered at your place of work. Here are just some of the topics for which we offer training:

For Mac:

  • How to use your Mac.
  • Mac OS – understand all features including accessibility features
  • iLife: iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes
  • iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote
  • MS Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • POS for Mac
  • Daylite contact management
  • MYOB: Accounting
  • QuickBooks for Mac

For iPad:

  • How to use your iPad
  • Configuring and controlling multiple iPads
  • iOS – (all base apps and functionality)
  • iLife for iOS
  • iWork for iOS
  • Using your iOS device to scan to and print from; and other productivity apps.
  • And many other business apps for the iPad and iPhone!

Do you have internally developed apps? We can train your employees to use and make the most of them. Are you looking for business training? Give us a call. We offer both local and on-site training.