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Do you know: Right-Click

Don’t let someone tell you that Macs can’t do right-click.  Macs have been doing right-click since the mid-late 90s.  Just plug in that multi-button mouse and off you go. MacBooks (all current variants) can do right-click in a multitude of ways. Hold down control while clicking the […]

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Quick Roundup of New Apple Products

iPad Pro: 9″ screen with screen resolution is better than the 15in Macbook Pro Retina 4 speakers 8mm thick and 1.6 lbs Cost starts at $799. Comes in 3 colors: Silver, Space Gray and Gold   Will be available in November, Apple also introduced these accessories for […]

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The Greatness of iOS 8

The Greatness of iOS 8

With the release of OSX 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 that quote from Steve Jobs in 1996 has never rung truer. There are a slew of great new features built into these new OS’s which we will go through below. Apple has brought on some new features […]

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