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5 Steps to Ditching Cable aka: Live the Internet Delivered TV Lifestyle!

5 Steps to Ditching Cable aka: Live the Internet Delivered TV Lifestyle! 1. Be sure you have an internet service that will match your streaming requirements. Netflix suggests at least 5 Mbps, but you need to multiply that by the number of streams your household will engage […]

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Keeping your Mac running trouble free

Apple is generally known for creating a stable operating system that requires few extra bells and whistles to function and maintain a secure operating user environment. While there are hundreds of utilities and security applications promising better functionality, often times customers come up with the regret of […]

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All the cool kids do it and THIS time you should too. BackUp.

Our lives have become wonderfully digital but that creates a major problem. We have left the physical world behind. We really don’t have any information to hold in our hands. We no longer write notes on paper or put contacts in a family address book. I have […]

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Liquid Damage – An Inevitable Concern

Liquid damage is one of the single most destructive events that can happen to a device. It is well known that liquids do not mix with electrical components without causing issues. Liquid causes instant shorts in circuitry and creates corrosion that can cause long-term damage to electronic […]

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G2 Computers – The People Next Door

You expect owning a Mac to be a relatively trouble-free experience. There are times, though, when even a Mac may not work as expected and at a critical time, it can be a real hassle. Mac or not, we all rely on our computers on a daily […]

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Slow Computer? Speed it up.

One of the most common questions that computer users have is, “How can I speed up my computer.” Some solutions require a bit of money, while others are simple and free. These tips are great for any user whether your computer has slowed down or your just […]

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How to Fix (Almost) Any Computer Issue

Whether your mouse won’t appear, your computer is slow, YouTube isn’t working, or any other computer issue you have, the following are the first steps I follow to solve any issue. 90% of the time, one of these is the fix. And for that remaining 10% of […]

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Back Up Now, Not After It’s Too Late

When you drive, you fasten your seatbelt in the case there is a crash. When you buy a home, you purchase a security system in case there is a break -in. Yet, many people do not back up their computer… and then it crashes. If you have […]

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