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The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station 2 is the successor to the original Thunderbolt™ Station that brought a new level of connectivity to modern streamlined computers via a single Thunderbolt™ cable. The Thunderbolt™ Station 2’s design combines the original Thunderbolt™ Station’s outstanding functionality with a host of new features to create the ultimate Thunderbolt™ device


Interface: Thunderbolt™ 2 & USB 3.0 & eSATA & Audio In & Audio Out & HDMI Out & Gigabit Ethernet


About CalDigit

CalDigit products are designed to provide users with reliability, performance, style and flexibility.

Quality Is Key

CalDigit emphasizes the use of quality components to produce products that would lessen the chances of component failure, and loss of productivity.

All in One

CalDigit is a single vendor support company; we design, build, and assemble all of our products. This results in the ability to provide users with unparalleled support and service.

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