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G2 Computers is an Apple Authorized Service Provider.


What this means is that we can do all of your in- or out-of-warranty Mac repairs and more. Our extensive knowledge of Apple hardware and software means we work quickly to diagnose and repair your computer. The average in-warranty repair for us takes less than 4 business days (which is faster than most Apple Store repairs). We do all of our work onsite so you don’t have to worry about where your computer might be shipped or who is touching it. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Ask us about scheduling an on-site service call.
You might be wondering, “What’s the cost of this great service?” Apple covers the cost of in-warranty hardware repairs but does not cover any software related issues, backups, or data recovery.

Since you have Apple’s Extended Warranty the cost are significantly less then out of warranty: 

  • Laptop and Desktop Diagnostics: $0 (only if it is not user abuse i.e. dropped or liquid damage)
  • Labor charge: $0  – Apple will cover that
  • Parts: $0 – Those are covered by Apple!
  • Backup of data: $85 (if your computer is functioning normally)
  • Data recovery: $199 if recoverable, $100 if not recoverable
  • On-site service: $150/hour (minimum of one hour; we do NOT charge for travel time if you are within a 25 mile radius)
Some things to do before you bring your computer in for repair:

  • Make detailed notes about the issue you are having, including when the problem occurs, exactly what you were doing with the computer and any error messages, sounds or shutdowns.
  • Make a backup of your data. We highly recommend backing up your data, even if you aren’t experiencing problems. Many problems do not affect your hard drive so we can back up your data for an additional fee. If your computer is inoperable when you bring it in for service, we can attempt to recover the data. If you have questions about backing up, please feel free to call or email us.
  • Remove any personal or confidential information. We don’t pry into your digital lives but often times we will have to launch programs such as iPhoto, iTunes and Mail to test for issues. If you have sensative or confidential information that you do not want others to see, please remove it before bringing your computer in for service.

Frequently Asked Questions about G2 Computers Service

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