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The world’s current state of affairs has prompted our society to rely upon technology like never before. Not only is working from home the new normal, the upcoming school year is going to present a mix of in-person and virtual learning as schools announce their plans that are designed to limit interactions between classmates and teachers. Parents need to find a way to work while helping their children succeed as students from home. It can be a good bonding experience for the entire family, but a balancing act nevertheless.

For the teens, consider a sit-stand desk. Placed atop an existing desk, it offers options to change your posture for better health. According to this article in US News, “employees with sit-stand desks were almost 50% more productive than their colleagues who sat in the office”; easy to extrapolate that for students as well. With a wide range of sizes and features, there is one suitable for every budget.

It is inevitable that children will be spending increasingly more time sitting in front of screens as they participate in the simulated school day with virtual instruction. Todd Soura at Action Personal Training advises that simply “replacing a child’s standard chair with an exercise ball to sit on (blow up abdominal ball) creates less irritability and improves focus. They can fidget on a ball which actually stimulates core strength and concentration.” With the purchase of exercise balls ranging from 44’- 48’ in size, parents can significantly improve the well-being of their children as they learn from home.

Motivate yourself and your children to stay active. Fitness tracking in all Apple Watch models is great for keeping you on the go in your everyday routine. Daily notifications encouraging you to Move, Exercise, Breathe, and Stand will help you sustain a healthy lifestyle in a seemingly idle world. Additionally, with a built-in workout application, the watch accurately monitors statistics and metrics that are relevant to your activity of choice. From all day BPM monitoring, to running pace alerts, to swimming splits notifications, this watch really can do it all.

G2 Computers is proud to offer all of these products and many more. With curbside pickup and remote support, we can smooth out any tech troubles you may encounter as we all navigate this strange new normal together. Stay safe and stay healthy.