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Data Recovery

When is it time?

If your Mac has developed a problem and you’re in the situation where you can no longer access your files, movies, photos, email or important documents, it’s time to have an Apple-Certified Mac Technician┬áhave a look and determine whether or not your crucial data needs to be recovered.

Here are some tell-tale signs that could lead to data recovery being required:

  • Flashing Question Mark at Start Up
  • Clicking Noises Are Emanating from the Computer
  • Missing Files, Documents, Music, or Photographs

Or errors such as:

  • “The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer”
  • “Unmountable volume”
  • “-127 error disk could not be used/found”

We understand your data is important. Our techs are super heroes and will do everything possible to recover your important photos, projects and emails.

Because media can fail in so many different ways, we charge depending on amount of data we recover. We charge an evaluation fee of $100 and then for data recovered up to 200 GB we charge $99, over 200 GB and up to 400 GB it will be $199, and it ladders up from there.

While rare, there are times that data is beyond our recovery tools. In that case you will only pay us the evaluation fee and owe us nothing more.