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We run our business on Macs. You can too.

G2 Computers is your local Business Specialist and can provide you with the comprehensive solution for all of your company’s Apple and other IT needs. We’ll help you figure out what products are right for you and how to integrate them into your existing structure. Our process is customized to each client, and will provide across-the-board technology solutions for your needs. With G2 Business Training, our Business Trainers will create custom, comprehensive training materials that will include information on apps that will make your employees more efficient. Problems with your machine? We can coordinate a visit to G2’s Apple Authorized Service Department where no appointment is ever needed. G2 even offers onsite service or can pick up and drop off machines that need work done from your location. Would you prefer to keep more of your cash on hand? If so, we have multiple financing options for you.

Mac in Business

Mac computers offer your business the tools you need to accomplish what you want with the efficiency your desire. The top in reliability and customer satisfaction, Macs bring real value to your business. Additionally, outstanding security keeps your business safe and your employees productive—you will never have to deal with viruses again. And don’t be concerned about compatibility. Macs offer unparalleled compatibility with other technologies to fit right in with your current products. With the ability to run windows, Mac provide a solution for any situation. In fact, a recent study indicated Windows runs more efficiently on a Mac than it does on PCs.

iPad in Business

The iPad is being used in all types of industries ranging from lawn care to health care and by 98% of the Fortune 500. With the iPad, you’ll discover thousands of amazing business apps to help deliver stellar presentations, view secure mobile dashboards, edit office documents, and even conduct mobile video conferences. And with the powerful features built into iOS, your business can be more productive than ever. The iPad offers security, control and mobility that your business deserves. Download Apple’s White Paper on Apps for Business here.